About Me

I’m a South African trained Consultant General Surgeon who worked at Wairau Hospital in sunny Blenheim since 2009. Things changed and I have moved along another path.

I am now studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Tech. at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology – I’m learning how to computer and how to be a student again.

Hopefully I will be able to put Medicine and IT together and find that dream job!

Check out the menu links above and these will take you to menu posts for each of the subjects I’m taking this year:

Semester 1

  • COM502: Communication for IT
  • CSA502: Computer Systems Architecture
  • DES501: Design and Development Concepts
  • SDV503: Introduction to Software Development

Semester 2

  • WEB503: Internet Design Principals
  • NET502: Networking Fundamentals
  • DAT502: Database Concepts
  • SYD502 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design